A screen recorder app to supercharge your communications.

Discover the most effortless way to communicate at work. What’s a screen recorder, you ask? It’s the closest thing to explaining something in person you’ll find online.

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berrycast screen recorder view example

How does Berrycast work?

A super easy screen recorder for video and voice capture, done in just 3 clicks! It’s a piece of cake, or better yet, a piece of pie!

  • 1 Select the teammates you want to send a message to
  • 2 Capture the area on your screen to explain your project
  • 3 Record the clearest message on earth
Select the teammates you want to send a message to
Capture the area on your screen to explain your project
Record the clearest message on earth
berrycast screen recorder view flow

How do I know if Berrycast is for me?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you thought to yourself “Man, this would’ve been so much simpler to explain in person”, then Berrycast is definitely for you! Never used something like this before? No sweat. If the following sound familiar, you’re definitely due for a screen recorder upgrade.

berrycast screen recorder email

Your day-to-day involves email, phone and/or working with other people

berrycast screen recorder chat

You’re over the endless email threads and phone tag

berrycast screen recorder save time

You don’t have time for mistakes due to miscommunications

Is it easy to use Berrycast with colleagues and clients?

With our simplified conversation thread feature, your colleagues and clients can easily find all the messages you’ve shared and reply directly (and instantly!), even if they’ve never used a screen recorder before.

Like we said, Berrycast is easy as pie! Or easy as your grandma’s pie, ‘cause we’re pretty sure even she could learn how to use it!

berrycast screen recorder conversation thread

Which roles
is Berrycast useful for?

Trust us, you don’t have to be a tech wiz to fall in love with our about-rock-your-world screen recorder platform. Here are a handful of examples where people have benefited from Berrycast. And hey — If ever you find another great use for our app, let us know so we can proudly feature it!

  • Nurture sales leads with a human touch (even if you're remote);
  • Create kick-ass personalized video pitches to increase response rates;
  • Add more depth to your follow-ups and increase chances of closing a deal!
  • Create amazing inbound marketing content;
  • Boost your content with dynamic visuals and sound;
  • Release your campaign faster by speeding up workflow!
  • Send drafts and get feedback from your team in a jiffy;
  • Explain your ideas and design process easily;
  • Speed up the approval process with your teammates and clients!
  • Enhance developer documentation with clear visuals;
  • Accelerate software testing with faster feedback turnaround;
  • Share new versions and updates within your team more easily!
  • Increase client satisfaction with clearer verbal and visual instructions;
  • Better productivity with less time spent per customer request;
  • Enhance staff onboarding with more effective training instructions!
  • Improve internal communication, information flow and document sharing;
  • Provide clearer guidelines during employee training;
  • Update your team members in a flash and all at once!