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No matter if you’re a graphic designer, UX designer, interior designer, fashion designer, creative director, photographer, editor, multimedia artist or animator (did we forget any?), we’ve all been there — the painful process of explaining a proposed website, app design, experience, editing choice to a client by email or phone. Raise of hands for anyone who’s only needed one, under-5-minute conversation to get their point across. Exactly. Trust us — we feel you. Did you know that the Berrycast team is mainly comprised of designers and design project managers? We know what it’s like to want to rip your hair […]
As per the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of a manager is as follows: A person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff. We prefer our definition: A person held accountable for other people’s inefficiencies at work, master at repeating instructions over and over, unofficial office mediator and occasional babysitter. All in all, managers don’t get enough credit, especially in large organizations where mid-level supervision is a must to keep things in order. They are the German Shepherds of the corporate herd—committed, essential, and also expected to work like dogs. Let’s try to make their lives a […]
We all remember the good old 90’s. Remember when it was your turn to use the family’s Macintosh and spend hours on chatterbot web applications? Good times. And let’s be real, here: Cleverbot definitely brought the sass to the table. But Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way since. And while robot brains may have not taken over the world (yet), they have been found to be hugely valuable assets to a business’s marketing and sales objectives. Conversational Marketing: Good ol’ chatbots, but with real jobs. Conversational marketing (also known as messenger marketing) promotes customer engagement through digital one-on-one […]
You heard it here first, folks: cold-calling is dead. Actually, you’ve probably already heard that. But what you most definitely haven’t heard about is the hot new B2C sales strategy tool to rule them all. That’s because there’s none crowned yet. You can thank Moore’s Law for that — the exponential surge in technological development which, consequently, means an infinite amount of digital solutions ripe for the picking. Too many to choose from. Ironically amongst this era of constant change, the one problem in efficient sales efforts that still remains the same is time (or lack thereof). Most of us […]
We don’t need to tell you the basics. Good business means hitting sales objectives, right? The bottom line is — well — the bottom line. Obviously, sales strategies differ from company to company, depending on your target. And we can go on forever. But if we go about it in the simplest way (and you know we try to, cause BerryCast believes in under-complicating things) we can agree that there’s two global ways to look at sales: v B2C and B2B. No matter how you look at it — B2B, B2C, Bee Doo Be Do Bee — sales is an […]