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No matter if you’re a graphic designer, UX designer, interior designer, fashion designer, creative director, photographer, editor, multimedia artist or animator (did we forget any?), we’ve all been there — the painful process of explaining a proposed website, app design, experience, editing choice to a client by email or phone. Raise of hands for anyone who’s only needed one, under-5-minute conversation to get their point across. Exactly.

Trust us — we feel you. Did you know that the Berrycast team is mainly comprised of designers and design project managers? We know what it’s like to want to rip your hair off when even the simplest task provokes arduous client communication. That’s why we created our app!

Screen record to say things clearly and simply!

Step 1
No longer are the days when you wish you could jump through the screen and point at the spots your clients are not seeing. Say goodbye to the hours spent writing out each step of your expert rationale only to have to jump on the phone to go through the same steps, verbally.

Now, with the right screen recording tool (and we reeeeally recommend Berrycast), you can record your screen and voice simultaneously, for as long as you want, as you open windows, scroll through pages, highlight text… and all that in just a few clicks.

With Berrycast, you can even record your face with our dual-recording system if your computer is equipped with a webcam. That’s optional for the less shy ones, of course.

Record. Stop and save your recording. Send over and share to your clients. Presto! Your client receives a clear-as-day explanation that is both visual and verbal, and you didn’t even need to lift (all) your fingers in order to detail it out.

Hard to land in miscommunication limbo with the Berrycast way, if you catch our drift.

Screen record to minimize approval rounds

Step 2
You know that really endearing thing that clients do when they negotiate a quote by estimating an unrealistically low number of approval rounds because those cost more money, only to request you not count extra approval rounds later on because “the changes weren’t that big anyways, it doesn’t really count, right?”. Silly clients.

Even with adequate turnaround time— the good ol’ “sleep on it” method — you can’t avoid the obligatory dozen separate additional requests that follow the alleged single email that consolidated all of the initial requests (in between scheduled approval rounds, of course).

Well, good news! Our screen recording app helps consolidate your client’s messy thoughts under one roof. That’s right. Each video (i.e. recording) comes with its own message thread. Your clients can apply their comments, pinpointing the exact timing within the recording where relevant, all at once or however many times they’d like.

It’s great, because it allows your client to feel empowered in their own process. And you, my friend, only need to check the thread once your client is absolutely sure they did not forget anything.

Less approval rounds means less time spent on your end (more time for things like not staying at work until midnight) and less expensive billing (happier clients).

As we say, screen recording for the win-win!

Screen record to help with tracking

Step 3

You know how we just covered that really awesome message thread feature that Berrycast has? Well, that means that there’s integrated tracking involved for all your communications. You know those “but I’m positive I told you over the phone, don’t you remember”?

Well, you no longer have to worry about that. Your message thread acts as both your reference point and written confirmation of what was said (and what wasn’t said).

So that takes care of details, but what about the l arger picture? Like the multiple big phases of a project? Well, that’s why Berrycast makes sure you can an unlimited amount of recordings to sustain all your professional needs.

Screen record to share with multiple recipients

Let’s say your client decided they needed multiple people’s opinions. Okay!

Chances are, you’ll find yourself sounding like a broken record, repeating yourself and answering similar questions because not everyone could make it to the conference call last Monday and no one took notes.

Step 4

To say the same thing over and over again is not good for sanity. Just look at what happened to Jack Nicolson in The Shining.

Better yet — the infamous email CCing! You look away for 15 minutes and suddenly your inbox is clogged with replies to the same email thread that you should really not have any business being involved in. Good grief!

Thankfully, when you screen record through Berrycast, you can share the same recording to multiple recipients all at once or separately. But the real beauty is that anyone can see the same message thread with everyone else’s comments. That means that if Tom wants to know if you can make the font bigger but he sees that Michelle already requested that in the thread, he won’t have to ask it again!

Screen record for instructional design tutorials

This one’s a bonus round. You know what’s as time consuming (read: pain in the ass) as client communication? New employee training.

Step 5
Screen recording is a godsend for training and instructional videos. How many times have you told your trainee to find a How-To video on Youtube just because you didn’t have the time to show them how to do that thing on Photoshop? Ha, you know it.

If you want the low-down on that, check out our Top 5 Onboarding Activities for New Hires. You can thank us later.

Have a question or comment? The Berrycast team is here to help! Send us a message via our contact page and we’ll make sure to get back to you in a jiffy!